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Photo Journal

This is the story of my 25,000-mile journey around the world on a mountain bike -- beginning in America and ending in Hong Kong. My entire budget was $5,000, and my goal was to head east from Ohio and circle the globe until I ended up back in Ohio. At least . . . that was the plan.
North America

The rather dubious idea started when I bought a huge map of the world and began placing colored pins in all the places I wanted to visit around the globe -- Marakesh, Istanbul, Mumbai . . . I ended up with a lot of colored pins!
And I had no idea what was to come. The decision to do this by mountain bike was basically a whim, spurred on by a guy I read about who walked across America. Seemed wierdly simple at the time. 
My book, One More Horizon, goes into the preparations in detail, but to put it succinctly -- I saved a woefully inadequate amount of cash, bought some gear, and quit my job, then hopped on a GT Timberline mountain bike and headed east.

So far . . . wierdly simple!
I camped just about anywhere in America. This is in an open field after a rainstorm -- rainfly on my tent and stuff laid out to dry.
The American leg was relatively uneventful, although I would recommend that anyone trying something like this start in a Western country. It allows time to train and build strength before people start pointing guns at you.
I should appologize in advance that this is by no means a comprehensive record of the journey. The vast majority of my photos were either stolen, confiscated, or did not survive the elements.
And, when I was in a tight spot, photography pretty much went out the window. Still, what remains provides a fairly good overview of what cycling across four continents can do to the human body -- and to equipment for that matter. 
One sign marks Old State Road near Pittsburgh, formed from an old Indian trail, and the other marks a section of the Appalachian Trail near Allentown. Uneventful, but very serene cycling. Beats working in a cubicle.
Ohio to the east coast covered almost 600 miles in 15 days. The perfect shakedown leg, although I think it rained on me every day in Pennsylvania. I blame Danny DeVito.

On to Europe