Spoiler Alert: This page contains spoilers for chapter five.

Okay . . .  I know that those who requested photos of the journey will be disappointed, but I actually have no photos from Africa. Why? Because all my gear, along with my camera and all photos from Africa, were stolen when I returned to Europe through Sicily! All that remains is this visa photograph, which shows at least a few small signs of the Sahara crossing -- no more white skin, clean clothes, or shaving every day. They probably woudn't even have let me back into the States looking like that!
Readers of the book may be interested in the image of my hard-won Algerian visa. They stopped issuing visas because Algeria was in the midst of a civil war, but I secured this visa through a beurocratic snaffu. There were tanks in the streets and countless military checkpoints across Algeria.
I don't mean to trivialize the Sahara crossing -- by all rights I should be dead. But, since this is a photo journal, a full account of the crossing and the robbery would simply require too much space. And they are covered in the book in detail. I will say that the thieves left me with the clothes on my back and my money belt (which held my passport -- thank the gods.) I hope the above map will suffice. Nothing for it but to move on to Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East.

On to Greece